• Bryan Lichau

Who Should Be at Your Real Estate Investment Table?

Ask ten investment advisors what their best bet is for steady returns over time, and you'll likely get eleven answers.

But the one answer they will all give you is to invest in Real Estate.

I'll never forget hearing an uncle say, 'invest in real Estate… God's not making any more.' For some reason, that stuck with me over the years. While I didn't pursue Real Estate as a career directly, I did spend decades as a CPA with a specialty in Real Estate tax issues.

Today, I'd like to talk about who needs to be sitting at the table on your Real Estate investment team.

The investor or owner should be there. It's their money after all, so they need to have the prominent voice. Most likely, if you are reading this, that person is you.

A Real Estate Professional should also be a vital part of your team. Finding someone who knows the market and has their pulse on the trends of the area is essential.

The Banker/ Lender. Unless an investor is planning to pay cash for all their transactions, having a great relationship with a lending institution is essential.

A CPA. What? Having a CPA would be like inviting the skunk to the picnic, right?

I beg to differ. Having a CPA on your Real Estate investment team is necessary, especially at the beginning. The tax implications of this venture aren't impossibly complex but must be respected.

There are ways of minimizing your tax burden on both good years as well as bad years. A well-versed CPA will help you know how to look our for any pitfalls and maximize any loopholes that may benefit you. For investors with multiple properties, a good CPA can give sound advice on leveraging properties against each other for strategic reasons.

So make sure before you jump into the Real Estate world you have a trustworthy CPA helping you navigate the tax landscape. For example, some deductions like utilities are tax-deductible for renters but not for homeowners. The same is true for improvements on the home you are renting.

A Solid CPA is Essential So what is the bottom line? Real Estate investing is a great way to get someone else to pay your mortgage! You derive the benefit of equity from market value increases while letting someone else make the payment.

Just make sure you have a good CPA watching over your shoulder to keep you safe and maximize the benefits. We are happy to be that for your real estate investments.

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